As a global luxury lifestyle brand, KUKOON takes pride in its unique contemporary spirit of adventure and style. Our creations mesmerize and provoke in equal measure.

As a global luxury lifestyle brand, Kukoon takes pride in its unique contemporary spirit of adventure & style. Incorporating the latest global fashion trends, our creations mesmerise and provoke in equal measure. Founded in 2014 by Sneha Mehta, Kukoon is a culmination of Sneha’s own global experience and keen sense of aesthetics. With its signature fabrics and designs, Kukoon is being embraced all across the world by the connoisseurs and the fashionistas alike. Each Kukoon garment is precisely crafted, hand finished, and made from the finest fabrics sourced from top global destinations. At Kukoon, we are committed to creating top-notch designs that transcend time and conventions.

Owing to Sneha’s acute sense of aesthetics and international experience, Kukoon’s creations have been embraced and accepted all across the globe. Each ensemble exudes contemporary elegance and is tailor-made to reflect the essence of modern and sophisticated fashion. Since its inception, Kukoon’s design philosophy has centred about creating women’s wear, men’s wear, kid’s wear and accessories with an uncompromising commitment to innovation, quality and value.

At the core of our values, lies an enduring passion for creativity. Our creations are preferred by charismatic individuals with a dash of the unconventional in their fashion choices. Kukoon’s celebrity following is nothing short of enviable; it includes some of the most prominent Bollywood stars and contemporary modern stylists. Our offerings appeal to the most style- conscious of celebrities and fashion connoisseurs.

Kukoon’s manufacturing unit, located in Noida, India is fitted out with state-of-the-art design and development equipment. The workforce at this unit is staffed with highly skilled and experienced workers. A majority of the team has been with Kukoon ever since the early days. The complete production process is strictly monitored to ensure highest standards of quality. Our final products are absolute evidence of our exacting manufacturing principles. The studio also appreciates clients undertaking a visit and seeing for themselves the quality of our crafting process.


  • Our design development team of studio designers is highly qualified and skilled.
  • Strategic studio and production unit location enables competitive prices and adherence to dead-lines and quality parameters.
  • Sourcing, product inspection and scheduling are monitored in a studio setup with prodigious focus on details.
  • Effectively networked organizational structure that is sculpted to create and resolve quick feedback loops and queries for design, production and deliveries.
  • A production team solely dedicated to research and development and creative improvisation.
  • All outfits are designed and perfected digitally before being given actual form with fabrics and trims.


Kukoon aims to ensure an efficient ordering process for all clients and encourages one to one meetings to understand the requirements of a boutique / store. We take the initiative to draft a complete capsule collection exclusive to the boutique. Repeat orders from existing clients or customization for new and special clients are effortlessly managed with time-and-resource efficient planning.


Having pursued Marketing Management studies, Sneha began her professional career at the globally esteemed Prime Group. Wanderlust struck eventually and she began a journey around the world, exploring what had always been her true love and passion – fashion and design. Ask her about her globe-trotting experience and she chirps with excitement, “My journey has been a revelation. I have seen so many interesting worlds – not just on the outside but within me too.” To say that she has travelled far and wide would be an understatement. She has seen first-hand the vibrant diversity of lifestyle and fashion in places as distinct and unique as Europe, Middle East, Asia and even the Americas. Having seen the world through so many eyes, Sneha brought together all that inspired and moved her….and she created KUKOON. As a global luxury lifestyle brand, KUKOON takes pride in its unique contemporary spirit of adventure & style. Sneha is known to wear her heart on her sleeve and she wants KUKOON to be the same way – an expression of modern luxury that is bold and flirts with conventions. Read more